Our Promise

In the U.S, many medications are overpriced or not covered by insurance. When your health and quality of life is at stake, that’s just not right. That’s why at CanadianMedsDirect our promise is Quality Medications at Fair Prices for all.

All of our brand-name and generic medications are APPROVED by The Health Board of Canada. We use the same drug distributors as your neighborhood pharmacy. Because they are sourced for Canada we are able to keep prices low and we focus on the patient first.

On-Time Delivery

When you need your prescription or refill, timing is everything. We provide realistic delivery times that you can count on.

Our focus is caring for you and your health by insisting on a safe and secure approach that protects you, and ensures that you will receive your high quality Canadian-sourced medications orders on time, and at a significantly lower cost.

CanadianMedsDirect is privately owned where patients are our first priority.